The selection of worktop is dependent on the performance you need and the relative cost.

All of the worktops described can be provided with uptards at the rear of wall cladding. These is a wide range of worktop specialists wih all of the products who provide a comprehensive service with templating and fitting of quartz and granite. The companies can offer very competitive prices which we and other direct kitchen companies cannot match so please call us and we will advise where and what you should buy: 07392 847570 / 07392 847571

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This is basically an image printed on a laminate sheeting which is then adhered to an MDF sub frame which is generally a high density chipboard.

  1. Cost Effective
  2. Hard-waring, scratch and heat resistant, though always use worktop protectors.
  3. Wide choice of colour and texture finishes which are non-porous.
  4. High gloss and dark colours show scratches more than other colours.
  5. Joints are visible and correct installation is vital.

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When you want a truly natural finish in the kitchen nothing beats the warm rustic look of wood worktops.

  1. Wood worktops are a hardy and resistant choice.
  2. Proper maintenance will give you a finish that will last for many years.
  3. The worktops can be sanded down to get rid of scratches and dents that can appear over time.
  4. Easy to shape with rounded corners and curves.

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Acrylic Based

Acrylic worktops are a form of plastic made from polymers of acrylic acid. This may not sound exciting, but what is exciting is the performance which gives you a modern fresh look that lasts the test of time. Will known brands are Apollo, Mistral, Earthstone and Encore. When installed correctly joins are not visible, ends can be undermounted and drawer grooves cut into the worktop. Is is cost efficient.

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The original solid surface material, Corion® was specifically designed as a worktop surface when it was introduced in 1967. Corion® worktops unite a balance of beauty and performance lend themselves to imaginative uses and design. They are warm to the touch, have seamless joints, excellent impact, stain and water resistance. Corion® work surfaces come with a 10 year manufacturers limited warranty backed by the DuPont™ Quality Network - these is a huge range of delightful colours.

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Quartz worktops are made from 93% quartz and the remaining 7% in polymer resin. Quartz has the look and feel of granite, but provides a more consistent and solid colour. The quartz crystals, used in combination with stain resistant polymer, create a smooth, non-porous polished surface. Quartz provides the appearance of natural stone while enhanced colours including mirror flecks and modern concrete colour options*. The well known brands are Apollo, M Stone, Silestone and Zodiac.

* Drainer grooves can be cut into the surface allowing the use of undermounted sinks.
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Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth, formed over millions of years beneath the earths surface. Granite work surfaces are extremely hard waring and will not scratch in normal use and are easy to clean and maintain. The exposed edges come in a variety of shapes and the worktop can be finished in several thicknesses including 20mm, 30mm 40mm and 60mm. Drainer grooves can be cut into the material allowing the use of undermounted sinks. A wide range of colours and finishes are available.