Free Design and Pricing Service

The Kitchen Partnership are pleased to offer you a free design and pricing service. Just email a sketch with the following information.

  • All wall dimensions.
  • Height of room (with and without cornice).
  • All dimensions for windows and doors (to include architrave)
  • Height to underside of window sill from floor.
  • Position of water inlet and outlet.
  • Position of any gas supply or boiler to be included in the design.

To enable us to prepare and price the design please confirm:

  1. The door range/ranges you have selected.
  2. Any special features we should include.
  3. Details of a dining table or any other elements to include in the design.
  4. Internal wirework needed such as a magic corner (please refer to our list of accessories).
  5. A list of appliances to be included within the design - new and existing.
  6. Choice of worktop (please refer to the section).
  7. Your choice of sinks and taps (please refer to the section).
  8. Choice of handles (please refer to the section).

With this information we will, within 7 days, email you a suggested layout plan, elevation and perspective and an itemised quotation. This can be discussed and amended after your consideration. Alternatively you can send us your plan of the kitchen for us to price.

If you decide to plan and price your own kitchen you can use our Complete Cabinet section. The following planning tips should be useful:

  1. Always start your design from the corner(s).
  2. Allow 50mm in each direction from the corner to allow for corner posts except with carcases DB9, DB10, BDLS8 and BDLS9
  3. Where panels are needed on the side of cabinets allow 18mm thickness which is the usual size.
  4. Where you have a free standing appliance such as a washing machine or dishwasher allow 10mm each side (generally 620mm gap) for access. A larger or smaller gap will make it difficult to fit an integrated machine at a later date.
  5. Cornice will often protrude beyond the units - allow 50mm for this.